24 June 2016

MICS 2016, the intervention of Minister Lorenzin: “Teamwork in heart surgery improves the health offer”

The Health Minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, participated in the MICS, with a greeting addressed to all the participants who gave life to this first international conference on the mitral valve in Rome, sponsored by the Mitral Academy.
Minister Lorenzin underlined in a video message the centrality of heart surgery not only as a public health theme, but also as a medical area of interest to which patients are most sensitive and attentive. She then stressed the value of teamwork, of which the conference was the ultimate expression, as a prerequisite for improving the health offer in hospitals.
“Citizens want to be taken care of properly, especially in the case of emergencies and cardiac surgery - explained Minister Lorenzin - being able to build new lines of evaluation and construction of work quality by working in teams is extremely important to us”.  
Talking about the MICS, Ms. Lorenzin added: “This conference leads precisely in this direction. Medicine is changing and technologies are also changing. It is obvious that in this context teamwork between doctors and health workers becomes ever more important, as does the ability to train the people who work in a team - doctors, health workers and nurses - the work of hospitals must be built on this type of preparation”.  
The minister also recalled that: “This is one of the goals of the reform that intends to transform Italy into ‘Hub & Spoke’. In order to attain this goal and implement this model in Italy, we must put together more and more synergistic teams among professionals that allow us to transfer knowledge on new technologies and new experiences into the daily lives of our patients, to improve their quality of life”.
Ms. Lorenzin concluded - “I expect a conference report that will allow us to be more attentive in building new outcomes for the new Italian national plan”.